Why My Life Doesn’t Suck Because I Eat Healthy

One day I saw a post on Facebook that showed a “treat” made from a bunch of chemical laden junk food wrapped in bacon and deep fried.  Like many others, I commented on the post.  I said “I might try it if they made a version that was free of gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar, preservatives or anything artificial.”  As I was going about my day, people replied to my comment.  For example: “at that point, why bother?”; “at least I’ll die happy”; “your life must suck!”.  Really?  At first I was offended.  But the more I thought about it, the more I saw it as an opportunity to dispel some myths!

My response to “why bother”? 

  • Because healthy food that tastes good DOES exist!
  • Because everyone wants a treat sometimes!
  • Because you care about your health!
  • Because you don’t want the host of diseases that chronic abuse of these food-like substances cause to your body!
  • Because you feel so much better when you eat healthy!

My response to “at least I’ll die happy”?

  • Eating healthy actually helps alleviate depression!
  • Being healthy doesn’t make you happy?
  • Diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease, etc. makes you happy?
  • Are you aware that chronic eaters of processed, chemical-laden junk “food” are far more likely to suffer from chronic disease?
  • That high you feel after eating processed food is addiction, not happiness!

My response to “your life must suck”?

  • How my life has improved since cutting out the toxic foods:
  • Lost weight
  • Brain fog lifted
  • Acne cleared
  • Wrinkles diminished
  • Migraines went away
  • Less inflammation of sinuses
  • Less head/chest congestion
  • I have everything I’ve ever wanted in life:  wonderful family, supportive husband who truly loves me, talented stepson, two sweet dogs
  • I have my health back mainly due to the dietary changes I made
  • So no, my life doesn’t suck!

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t reply to either comment, though a part of me wanted to.  It seemed like the more constructive thing to do was to save it for this post!

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