The Botanical Societies Citrus Deodorant

This week I’ve reviewed two other deodorants, so I figured I would throw in one more for good measure.

I bought this deodorant at TJ Maxx as a backup to keep at my office for those days when I forget to put deodorant on before I leave the house.  We’ve all done it at some point in our lives, right? I’ve done it enough times to warrant having a backup on hand.  Because I commute an hour (one way) to work and then have to go straight to community theater rehearsals without going home first, I can’t afford to be without deodorant all day.

Type:  Roll-on

Price:  $4.99 for 1 oz

Scent:  Citrus


Since I hadn’t had the opportunity to use this one yet, I decided to leave it in my tote bag so I could test it out, and I’ve been using it for a week now.  It is not an antiperspirant, but as I said in other posts I don’t want to trap sweat inside my body.

This might be my new favorite!  It’s easy to put on, dries quickly, has a pleasant smell, and it works!  Even when I forgot to put it on one morning before exercising, I didn’t stink that bad.  There was a little smell, but not as much as with some other natural deodorants.  When I used it after shaving, it didn’t hurt, which was surprising since it contains citric acid.  There were a few days where I sweat quite a bit while at work, because it’s pretty hot in our office right now – the heater is way too high for me.  Even on those days I didn’t notice any odor.

Normally I like to check out product safety on the EWG Skin Deep Database, but this company wasn’t found so I checked each ingredient individually.  The highest rating on an ingredient was a 4, which is not bad.  It’s definitely a better rating than most traditional deodorants, and so far it’s been more effective than any other natural deodorant I’ve tried.

5 thoughts on “The Botanical Societies Citrus Deodorant

  1. Teresa says:

    Where can I buy this deodorant? I love it. Found it at a Winners in Canada. But need more!


  2. […] was another TJ Maxx find I bought because I was getting low on the Botanical Societies Citrus deodorant I had bought there previously (and loved). I like to have one that I keep in my purse for BO […]


  3. Maria Tokar says:

    Please I bought one in TJMaxx !!! Lemon Eucalyptus!!!! I Love It!!! please were can i buy some more, I try on the internet but no luck.


    • Hi Maria
      Unfortunately I’ve had the same problem. I’m unsure where else to find their products besides TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Ive tried searching online too with no luck. It’s such a bummer because I really love this deodorant too.


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