Moving Day Has Arrived

Starting today we’re moving so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  It’s a local move, so we’re doing it ourselves to save money.  We have a bit of an overlap so we can move over a few days and then get the current place clean before we turn the keys in.  The house we’re moving to is perfect for us!  It’s a 3 BR/2BA with a bonus room, big back yard for the dogs & room for a garden.  On top of that, there is a fruit/veggie stand right across the highway from the house, which claims to be non-GMO (I will find a way to verify this – just my nature).  We sign the lease at noon, then we plan to head over to fill out the inventory & condition form and take it back to the property management office so that we don’t forget!

The plan for this evening is to make sure it’s clean, decide where everything’s going to go, & line the cabinets so that when we bring dishes over we can unpack immediately!  I’d also like to get things like clothing, shoes, accessories moved & placed in the closets.  Of course, I’d also like to get any other small items we can manage to get moved.

We are moving with borrowed trailers and help from a few friends.  We haven’t moved ourselves since my husband and I first moved in together just before we were married.  Since then I’ve definitely been spoiled by the military paying for movers!  Tomorrow we have to get up early & get started moving the big stuff over.  The goal is to get the majority of the furniture moved and placed while we have the trailers for the weekend.  Since we don’t have many boxes, we’re planning to fill them,  unpack as we get to the new place, bring them back to our current place, and repeat the process until everything is moved.

Of all the normal stressors that come along with a move, we have another one to worry about.  Our female dog has seizures, and the stress of change is the most common reason she has them.  In an effort to mitigate the risk, we plan to take the dogs to the new house along with their crate, bowls, toys, etc. prior to moving anything.  That’s also the main reason for not wanting to pack everything up & move it at once.  She got really nervous the last time that happened, and ended up having a seizure the day all the boxes showed up.  Hopefully doing the packing/unpacking in small doses will help with her neuroses.  Oh the things we do for our beloved pets!

Happy Friday everyone!  Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by!

5 thoughts on “Moving Day Has Arrived

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  2. […] day we signed our lease we were away from our old house, both of us were hungry, and we had to stay at the new house […]


  3. B. Paul says:

    Packing tip: Start packing early. Last minute packing is a bad idea. You need time to pack your belongings rightly so for a large house, 2 months should be enough. And for a small house, one month is enough if you pack one box a day. Packing early will relieve a lot of stress during those last few days before move.


    • Hi Paul, thanks for your input. The move happened fast, so unfortunately we didn’t have two months advance notice to start packing. Since we were moving in town, on a tight budget, and had a two week overlap in housing, we chose to pack small amounts, unpack & re-use the boxes. Luckily we had some awesome friends that helped us and lent us a trailer.


  4. B. Paul says:

    Glad to hear everything went smoothly and that you have such amazing friends. It’s not easy when you are pressured by time and managing a move in such conditions is something you can be proud of. Cheers!

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