Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 10.25.15

This week was great!  I felt much better than last week, and I even got out of the house a few times!  Monday I attended a coffee and yoga event with a club that I belong to.  Met some wonderful women, had a great time, and got in another workout.  Win-win!

Friday my husband and I went on a long overdue date night.  There’s a local restaurant that is right by the Cumberland River, and because the temperature was so nice, we sat outside on the patio that overlooks the nearby boat docks.  I remained on my diet – they had a really good salmon and avocado salad that I ordered & skipped the cheese.  Simply getting out of the house was worth it!

Since I knew we had an event to attend Saturday, I moved that day’s workout up to Friday.  Saturday we attended an Autism Speaks walk to support my husband’s cousin.  His son has Autism, and they really wanted some family support.  All this time we’ve lived in the area and had no idea that we had family living this close to us!  It was my first time meeting them, and my husband hadn’t seen his cousin in about 30 years!  It was like a mini family reunion!  We tried a great restaurant called Noshville, where I ordered an omelet with bacon and avocado.  It reminded me of  a local restaurant in Austin that we liked to frequent when we lived there called Kerby Lane Cafe.  Lots of hipsters, long wait, reasonable prices, casual atmosphere, and the food was absolutely worth it!

Here are my workouts for the week:

  • Monday: Body Beast Bulk Chest – 30 minutes & 30 minutes Yoga
  • Tuesday: Body Beast Bulk Legs – 41 minutes
  • Wednesday: Body Beast Bulk Arms – 35 minutes
  • Thursday: Beast Cardio – 38 minutes & Beast Abs – 10 minutes
  • Friday: Body Beast Bulk Back – 29 minutes & Body Beast Shoulders – 35 minutes
  • Saturday: Attended an Autism Speaks walk in Nashville to support our cousin whose son has Autism
  • Sunday: Rest day from Body Beast

This week I stayed at the same weights that I had been using for the last few, but I am ready for a small increase.  The next weight up that we own is 5 lbs over where I am no, but I’m not ready to increase that much just yet.  I need to purchase some 2 lb wrist/ankle weights & go from there.  So far I’m really happy with my progress in how I look.  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve taken any measurements so I’m about due to check in.  I don’t like to do it every week because sometimes it can be discouraging, especially since my body is slow to respond to diet/exercise.  Even though I’m off my thyroid medication and feeling better, I still have to remind myself that with Hashimotos everything goes slower!

As always, thanks for reading!

One thought on “Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 10.25.15

  1. […] Last week I mentioned that I feel ready to move up with the weights a bit.  Well, unfortunately I never got around to going to buy a set of small ankle weights, so I stayed with the 5 – 15 lb dumbbells I’ve been using.  Until this morning’s workout I had forgotten about a set of weighted gloves that I had, so I used them this morning & plan to do so until I get some 2 lb ankle weights. […]


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