Nontoxic Shopping

If you are looking to detox your lifestyle, I’d love to help!  If you use the link below, it will take you to my Amazon Affiliate store.  What this means is that if you make a purchase using this link, I will earn a small commission.  The products I recommend are all ones that I’ve used and liked.

My number one priority is to use the knowledge I’ve gained on my journey into nontoxic living to help others make their homes a safer place.  If I can also cover the cost of running this blog, great!  If not, oh well, at least I’m helping others!  I do believe in being honest, though, so that’s why I’m disclosing my affiliate status.

I’m also part of a link-share program that offers discounts to customers who use my links and I earn commissions on products bought through these links.  Please know that I’m very picky about which companies I do this for.  You will NEVER see a link to a product that I have not tried and liked.  If it doesn’t pass the ingredient test, I won’t give it the time of day!  Additionally, if I don’t like what the company stands for, I will not promote their products nor accept money from them.

For convenience, there are links within many of my reviews that will take you directly to the product I’m writing about.  If you’re not looking to purchase, please feel free to ignore the link and keep reading.

For Beachbody Products or coaching, contact me or visit any of my Beachbody sites:

In 2014 I purchased a Young Living starter kit and became a distributor.  I use the oils on a regular basis and love them!  If I can help you with anything related to oils, please contact me.


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