Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 12.13.15

This was the first week of workouts since completing the 90-day Body Beast Challenge. I’ve decided not to put myself on another program until after the beginning of the year. That’s not to say I won’t be exercising, though! I’ve already planned out all my workouts. I want to try several different workouts that are available on Beachbody on Demand. Not so much because I plan on doing any of them right now, because we own several programs that I haven’t yet completed. The reason I’m trying out so many different programs right now is so that I can help my clients decide which workouts are best for them. If you are in need of fitness guidance, please contact me. I’d love to help you!

This past week was a bit crazy! My husband was in a field exercise, which meant he was working long hours. It actually worked out well for us though, because I was able to spend the majority of my alone time to finish the ebook. I also decided to switch to a self-hosted site, which was quite an ordeal for me since I’m not a tech savvy person. Once everything goes through, I’ll be making some tweaks to the site to make it more me. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or contact me directly.

Auditions for community theatre were on Saturday. Callbacks are Tuesday, and I’m happy to say that I was invited back! The upcoming play is Spamalot, so I’m excited to (hopefully) be part of this production. There aren’t many female roles in this play, so we shall see.

Here are my workouts for the week:

  • Monday: Spinning class – 60 minutes
  • Tuesday: Kundalini Yoga – Yoga Beauty Body DVD – 60 minutes (available in the fitness section of my Amazon store: http://astore.amazon.com/mycrnoli-20)
  • Wednesday: Turbofire Low HIIT 20 – 20 minutes
  • Thursday: The Masters Hammer & Chisel Total Body – 36 minutes
  • Friday: PiYo Live Class Round 37 DVD – 60 minutes (I did the workout from my instructor DVD)
  • Saturday: Insanity Max 30 Sweat Intervals – 30 minutes, Dancing at auditions for community theatre – 20 minutes and more sweat, lol!
  • Sunday: 10 Minute Trainer Abs – 10 minutes, Relaxed Easygoing Flow from This is Yoga with Tara Stiles – 15 minutes (also available in the fitness section of my Amazon store: http://astore.amazon.com/mycrnoli-20)

As I mentioned earlier in the post, the ebook is complete! It took a bit longer than expected, but at least it’s finished! I’m still working hard to finish my personal training certification this month! I’m really excited to finish so I can help more people get fit!

As always, thanks for reading!

Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 4.26.15

For the most part, this week went pretty well. There were a few days that it was difficult to get out of bed and get going, but I stuck it out. The stress of my job has been taking a toll on my and making me not want to get out of bed and drive an hour each way. There were at least two days where that stress was creeping into my head during workouts. When that happened I paused the DVD, took a few deep breaths, reminded myself that I’m doing this for my health, and told myself not to quit. It may have been difficult to push through those workouts, but I’m so glad I did. My results so far: 4.8 lbs and 6 inches lost in 3 weeks! It’s so encouraging to see the weight/inches coming off and to see the beginning of muscle definition.

Here are my workouts for the week:

  • Monday:   PiYo Upper Body – 20 minutes
  • Tuesday: PiYo Buns – 30 minutes (and sore buns for a few days, lol!)
  • Wednesday: PiYo Core – 30 minutes
  • Thursday: PiYo Lower Body – 25 minutes
  • Friday: PiYo Sweat – 35 minutes
  • Saturday: PiYo Strength Intervals – 25 minutes
  • Sunday:  Beachbody combo workout at the Super Sunday Event in Nashville – 30 minutes

If you find yourself struggling to get through a work out, think of your end result, think of your health, think of how your clothes will fit if you keep exercising.

Feel free to share your thoughts or tricks you use to stay motivated.

As always, thanks for reading!

Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 2.14.15

So this week I did a little better than last week in attitude and exercise.  Still not as good as I would like, but some exercise is better than none!  As usual, I find myself hitting snooze too many times, then I don’t have as much time as I would like to exercise.  But, I made myself get up and do SOMETHING each day, and I had a much better mind set at work.  It also paid off in rehearsals, as I broke out of my shell a little and had a few great moments bringing my character (Prudy Pingleton in Hairspray) to life.

The next two weeks are not going to be much better, because we are gearing up for community theater performances.  We’ll be rehearsing from 5:30 – 10 every weeknight, and will have rehearsals on the weekends, too.  I’m adjusting my work hours during this time period to accommodate for the increased rehearsals.  I already know that I won’t be able to exercise as much as normal, so I’m bracing myself for that.  At rehearsals today I’m going to be thinking of how to squeeze in some exercise in my tight schedule.

With the exception of Monday, things were less stressful at work.  I spent about 2 hours on the phone with IT trying again to get my systems access, and had several large projects assigned to me, which felt a bit overwhelming.  By early afternoon I had a headache that lasted the rest of the day and had me in bed early.  The rest of the week went pretty smoothly – got several projects completed and made progress on some others.

You never know what will happen during the day that may kill your motivation or cause physical issues that may prevent your workout.  At my job we never know when we may get a request for info with a time-sensitive deadline that may require late hours without much notice.  This is why I prefer to exercise in the morning – my workout is much less likely to get derailed.

Here are my workouts for this week:

  • Sunday – rest day
  • Monday – 30 minutes of Rapid Results Pilates with Lara Hudson.  I completed the legs, arms & abs segments
  • Tuesday – 20 minutes of Yoga for Flexibility from This is Yoga with Tara Styles
  • Wednesday – 30 minute walk on the treadmill
  • Thursday – 25 minutes of Kundalini Yoga from Yoga Beauty Body by Ana Brett & Ravi Singh.  I completed the warm-up, radiance and release, and closing prayer segments (not really a prayer so much as envisioning what happiness means to you)
  • Friday – 30 minute walk on the treadmill
  • Saturday – lifting and moving set pieces into the theater, hammering nails & picking up trash.  No, this was not gym exercise, but it was calorie burning, so it counts!

Remember that all physical activity burns calories!  If you hate the idea of going to the gym like me, either create your own gym at home, or find some other activity you love that doesn’t feel like exercise but gets you moving.  If you have dogs, take them for a walk around your neighborhood and you’ll both reap the benefits!  Walking in the park, dancing, biking, swimming, hiking.  Those are all fun activities that burn calories.